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Butchering firewood into instruments since 2000.

I began building custom furniture in 1998. Having played bass in several bands over the years, I decided at one point to try my hand at crafting an instrument. The first one wasn't a complete failure, but also not a complete success. I still have that bass and although it doesn't get played much any longer, it does have a prominent place on my wall as a reminder of where I started.

Since that first bass, I've built many more instruments and learned much from those early mistakes. I do my best to source solid pieces of wood with character that is understated but unique
thus making each instrument one of a kind. Sometimes what I begin with could be described as firewood but with a bit of careful butchery, it can be shaped into a very playable instrument.​ ​​


I make all efforts to work with musicians to build instruments that they will not only cherish but also play for years to come.

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